Colorkrew Culture

Our core vision is “Color Your Work with Excitement”.

Work is a means to earn income. One that can be tough and painful at times.
We aim to change this perception and alter work not only in Japan but around the world. It should instead be something exciting and essential to our lives.

This is what we hope to achieve. Naturally, Colorkrew’s own work should be imbued with these principles.

Through effective collaboration with global talent who share the same vision and improving each other, we aim to build a company that excels in providing various innovative services to “Color Your Work with Excitement”.

By working in this manner with constant learning and rapid growth, we aim for ever bigger goals and fulfill enjoyment in life that is exciting and invaluable.

It is not a place for those who are satisfied easily through a slightly higher pay, a new style of management, nor a domestically famous company name.

Here are the values and our company culture that our team truly cares about.

Spirits of Colorkrew

Colorkrew has 3 values called the Spirits.
Spirits are the most important values for all who work at Colorkrew; the foundation of making various judgements. We are connected by Spirits and not rules.

  • Be Open

    Make all information open. Each individual shares information voluntarily.

  • Stay Uncomfortable

    Add value to the world. Always grow, always be responsible, always enjoy your work.

  • Bond

    One’s worry is everybody’s worry. Support one another during troubled times.

Be Open

At Colorkrew, all information is shared within the company.
From business performances, every member’s salary, who evaluated whom and how, the amount of paid expenses, almost all company information is shared openly.

Information has a tremendous influence in creating power gaps between the haves and the have-nots.

If we were to make a decision and the necessary information was not shared, what would you think will happen?
Without enough information to make judgements, decisions are hard to make.
It’s also inefficient to ask around.
Decisions that are not exposed to various viewpoints will lack opportunities to be polished and raise the possibility of making mistakes.

At Colorkrew, we think it is important for each member to act as professionals, to think out the problems right in front of them with all their energy and make decisions.
We commit to making a better decision by sharing the same information with all members and exchanging opinions in a flat environment.
To do so, we actively share information.

The openness Colorkrew aims for is not only for the CEO and specific leaders to share their information, but also for all members to actively release the information they have and share activities with each other.

Only then, can the team make clear decisions and full confidence can take shape.

Stay Uncomfortable

With no precedent, we pave the way. Not knowing what is correct, we take on work single-mindedly to create new value and define what we want to be.
We call these challenges.

Being able to challenge, not on your own, but with your team, is extremely precious, making it one of the most valuable time of your life.

We feel joy in creating services and products filled with originality, not a mere imitation of services that already exist.
Not copying companies that are considered great, but pursuing how we want to be at our very core and continue striving for a unique team.

At the same time, we highly value the growth in ability of each respective member.
How can we reward members who devote precious time of their life to challenge new goals at Colorkrew? We provide “salary” and an “environment to grow.”

We want our members to aim for higher goals together, continue to commit to the team and its results, and grow overwhelmingly as professionals and as human beings.
Even if one were to leave Colorkrew and move to a new role, we want them to continue pushing for change and evolution in their respective fields as leaders with a high sense of responsibility.
This is how we wish for our members to be.

In order to do so, we will build an environment that continues to encourage one another by setting higher bars for personal growth and reviewing activities with each member.


We care very much about our members being physically and mentally fit, full of energy, and positive about enjoying work.
“We are connected by Spirits and not rules.” We are always flexible in adjusting many things such as; taking a two-week summer vacation or a one-month workcation abroad is not a problem if the team is okay with it.

There are difficult times beyond our control like troubles at work, health problems, a new born baby, a death in the family, and so forth.
When they happen, members who can help will get together from across the company to support and try their very best to solve the problem with a family-like bond, even if it is on a day off or at midnight. They don’t necessarily happen on work days. One’s worry is everybody’s worry.

However, our bond is limited to a “family-like” bond which means that we will not help those who don’t try. This might happen in a real family, but not here.
There are also people who take advantage of the bond and use it for personal gain. We will not let that happen. Our love and care are not unconditional.
A member who cannot bond with others as one sensible professional will also not get support from others.

Only with people who share the 3 Spirits and put the Spirits in the center of the team at all times, we would love to work together.

People at Colorkrew

Who is a perfect fit for Colorkrew other than who shares the Spirits and is supportive of other members?
Below is a list of professional attitudes that we respect and praise.
The more listed characteristics you have, the better a match you are for Colorkrew.


A person who

  • Is a specialist in their profession and field of work
  • Has a high sense of responsibility as a leader
  • Consistently provides high-leveled results promptly
  • Actively learns about a wide breadth of subjects through intense curiosity
  • Thinks strategically, considers long-term perspectives comprehensively, but not miss out on short-term goals
  • Acts fast and optimistically, does not hesitate on failures after careful consideration
  • Takes risks wisely
  • Looks into their intuition in depth and simplifies explanations using facts and data
  • Can help grow the team


A person who

  • Gives opinions from deep within after thinking thoroughly
  • Communicates not based on their ranks, but what is right and fair
  • Appreciates ideas that are best for Colorkrew, no matter who they come from
  • Strictly points out mistakes and praises achievements from their hearts
  • Is always polite and modest while being confident
  • Admits their failure honestly, learns from it, and utilizes the experience for a bigger challenge


A person who

  • Continues to motivate members with pure passion
  • Manages their own stress and always works in a good mood
  • Actively helps to keep a fun working environment
  • Can convey their thoughts simply and clearly both in conversation and in writing
  • Puts themselves in other people’s shoes when disagreements arise
  • Works with members of different cultures and languages as one united team

At Colorkrew, we value keeping our strength as an organization focused. This means that the teams are filled with highly professionalized individuals from each field.
That is why we, Colorkrew, recruit members from around the world who sympathize with our vision and values. Recruitment is not to fill in human resources, but to create reform within teams. We certainly take growth of existing members very seriously as well.

Professionals who gather together to face valuable challenges as a team, through honest conflicts and celebrate big wins and grow with one another. We are happy to pay a high salary to those who actualize and enjoy such professional attitudes.

Colorkrew Organization

How should “a team who creates overwhelming results with joy” be?
This defines the service, expertise, and value that we provide to society in order to actualize our vision and we continue to question ourselves for the answer.

For example, Colorkrew is a very flat organization with neither hierarchy nor silos.
Management, business divisions, and special task forces are all projects that only consist of a leader and its members.

A leader commits to the project the most and has full responsibility. We see professionals as people who can decide what to do on their own based on communication with people around, deep insights, and passion, not from what they were told.
Therefore, you would need to decide when and which project to use your own resources. For example, you assign 80% of your resources to lead project A and assign the rest to support project B as a member.

We make fast decisions possible by opening up information, sharing the same values and keeping the organization flat.
We do think that our organization is quite unique, however 95% of our members favor it over a regular organization with hierarchy.

We will not hesitate over changing the system or performing organizational reform to become a team who creates overwhelming results with joy.
We will not be satisfied easily and continue striving for higher ideals.


We are here for members with professionalism, to bond with the Spirits instead of rules, to continue challenging and growing, not only as an organization, but also as an individual, and to realize the vision “Color Your Work with Excitement”.

A team with such a culture is what Colorkrew is.

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