Board of Directors and Team

Team Colorkrew

Members from all over the world who share our vision. Our colorful team adds color to your business.

Team ColorkrewTeam Colorkrew
  • A team that embodies excitementA team that embodies excitement

    A team that embodies excitement

    To embody Colorkrew’s mission, “Color Your Work with Excitement,” requires the collective efforts of the team. Each member of the team thinks for himself/herself, has his/her own opinion, and cooperates with his/her colleagues with an open mind in pursuit of the goal. We believe that such a strong will will create a team that can achieve the highest performance.

  • Forming an open and flat organizationForming an open and flat organization

    Forming an open and flat organization

    We manage our organization with the aim of building an environment where individuals and teams can shine to the fullest. Based on the principle of “openness and flatness” that does not create information gaps, members work on individual projects. We do away with authority-based management as much as possible, which is often the case in hierarchical organizations, and all members work independently based on a common vision.

  • Developing a structure for individual growthDeveloping a structure for individual growth

    Developing a structure for individual growth

    To enhance the overall strength of the team, it is essential for each member to improve his or her skills and continue to grow. Because we are a team, we are able to achieve growth that cannot be achieved alone.

Directors and Auditors

  • Keiji NakamuraKeiji Nakamura

    Representative Director, President

    Keiji Nakamura

    After graduating from Chiba University with a degree in engineering, he worked in sales at Toyota Tsusho Corporation. After working in Europe, he became a representative of Colorkrew in 2010. His goal is to create a company with people who can compete globally from Japan as a management capable of product design. His hobbies are ramen noodles and long walks.

  • Keita YukawaKeita Yukawa


    Keita Yukawa

    After graduating from Rikkyo University with a degree in Economics, he worked for a government financial institution before moving to a startup, joining Colorkrew in 2014. He started in sales and experienced several business leads. Currently, he is involved in a wide range of businesses, and is working hard to build an organization that creates more and more new businesses. His hobbies are ramen and sake.

  • Toshiki Maezawa Toshiki Maezawa


    Toshiki Maezawa

    After graduating from Rikkyo University with a degree in economics, he worked as a founding member of an IT company and a startup before joining Colorkrew in 2014. As a product owner, he created Mamoru PUSH and Colorkrew Biz, and is now aiming to mass produce more products and expand both domestically and internationally. He enjoys watching sports and traveling.

  • Tomohiro MiyasakaTomohiro Miyasaka

    Outside Director

    Tomohiro Miyasaka

    Miyasaka joined SBI Holdings as a new graduate and participated in the launch of the current SBI Sumishin Net Bank, and in 2008 joined GMO VenturePartners, where he invested in many startups as a partner and director. In 2019, he started providing advisory services to major domestic and foreign companies, CVCs and VC funds. He is also an outside director of listed companies and startups preparing to go public. He graduated from Keio University with a degree in Economics.

  • Masahiro HarasakiMasahiro Harasaki


    Masahiro Harasaki

    After graduating from Tokai University’s Faculty of Maritime Science and Technology, he worked at a SIer as an engineer and then as a manager, a fairly normal career path. Experienced various things in construction from microcomputer to large general-purpose, assembler to high-level language, and recently BI. He is the oldest in the company and is looking forward to the future of open flat environment. His hobbies are ramen and movies.

  • Tetsuri Kurozumi Tetsuri Kurozumi

    Outside Auditor / Lawyer

    Tetsuri Kurozumi

    After graduating from the University of Tokyo Faculty of Law, he worked for Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation before becoming a lawyer and has been a Colorkrew auditor since 2021. As an attorney, he has been involved in all aspects of corporate legal affairs and has assisted many startup companies. His hobbies are watching soccer games and drinking good sake.

  • Masahiro Noguchi Masahiro Noguchi

    Outside Auditor / Certified public accountant

    Masahiro Noguchi

    After graduating from Yokohama National University, Faculty of Education and Human Sciences, he worked in sales and passed the Certified Public Accountant exam. He joined Colorkrew in December 2021. His hobbies are coffee and cameras.

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