History of Colorkrew


NovSega Enterprises Ltd. (Before renaming) started a network service business for its game console ‘Dreamcast’ and this became the basis of Colorkrew in the future
ISAO Corporation established
Mission/ Vision/ Spirits adopted as the corporate philosophy
Release of cloud management services ‘KURAMANE’
Initiated and became the first Japanese company to introduce ‘Super Flat Model’ whose concept is “No Managers/ No Hierarchies/ Infinite Team Power!”
Releases “Goalous,” a collaboration service to openly share activities to achieve goals
Releases of ‘Mamoru PUSH’ the push notification & QR authenticator
Releases of ‘Mamoru Biz (former Mamoru Pay)’ a new way to use QR Codes and manage office easily and efficiently
Transferred the support business for game publishers to NJ Holdings Inc. and its subsidiary Wit One Inc.
ISAO Corporation ended the capital relationship with Toyota Tsusho Corporation
Changed the trade name from ISAO Corporation to Colorkrew Inc. Adopted new Mission/ Vision/ Spirits and inherited the business from ISAO Corporation
Renewal of VISION and new release of Culture Deck
Releases of “Colorkrew ID” for collective management of Colorkrew products and services
Releases of “Colorkrew Quiz,” a new HR Tech service that enables employees to learn and grow every day
Tomohiro Miyasaka joins Colorkrew Co. as External Director
Releases of “Colorkrew Intra,” an internal portal CMS that unifies the fragmented environment of hybrid work
Concluded a share transfer agreement with IBG Media Co., Ltd. for a subsidiary that operates the Moviefull business
Releases of “Colorkrew Workflows,” a simple and flexible cloud workflow service
Renewal of Corporate Website, Logo, Mission, Vision, and Code of Conduct


  • Qualifications

    Microsoft Gold Partner
    Patent for Mamoru, an authentication service that does not require a password.
    Japanese patent for double-token push authentication technology
    One-time QR authentication technology receives U.S. patent
    One-time QR authentication technology receives U.S. patent
    One-time push notification authentication, patented in the U.S.
    Microsoft “Intelligent Security Association” certification
    “Advanced Specialization” in the Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop area.
  • Award Winners

    Microsoft MVP Award
    「Mamoru SSO」がF5「FY17 Best Solution Innovation Partner」を受賞
    Mamoru SSO” wins the F5 “FY17 Best Solution Innovation Partner” award.
    Trend Micro Partner Engineer Award Grand Prize
    Winner of the Microsoft Partner of the Year 2019 OSS on Azure Award
    Mamoru Biz wins first prize at UPGRADE with TOKYO, a pitch event for startups organized by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government.
    Mamoru Biz wins the “15th ASPIC IoT, AI, Cloud Award 2021 in the ASP/SaaS category for support services
    Secure Multi Cloud Environment Japan Partner of The Year Award 2023
    IT Review 2024 Winter Leader Award (Seating Management System, Material Management System, Meeting Room Reservation System, Attendance Management System, Business Schedule Coordination Tool, Reception System)
    Secure Multi Cloud Environment Japan Partner of The Year Award 2023
    BOXIL SaaS AWARD Summer 2024_Good Service Award
    IT Review 2024 Spring Leader Award(Seating Management System)
    Winner of IT Trend 2023 2nd Half Good Product Award in 3 categories
  • Media and Media Ranking

    Ranked #9 in OpenWork’s “Companies with Personality Ranking” / 3318 companies
    Ranked #18/7283 in OpenWork’s “Ranking of Companies that Make the Most of Individuality through Liberalism
    Ranked as one of the Top 20 Top White Companies
    Goalous, an SNS-based goal management tool, wins No. 1 in organizational improvement tools.
    Mamoru Biz Seat Management Service wins No. 1 in Number of Users

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