• We will exhibit 5 products including “Colorkrew Biz” and other services at the 3rd Back Office DXPO Tokyo 2024 [Summer]

  • “Colorkrew Biz” and 5 other products will be exhibited at the DX Comprehensive EXPO!

  • New corporate website and logo based on the concept of "Elevate the value of your work with Work SaaS"

  • Eliminate Legacy Systems. Introducing the Simple and Flexible Cloud Workflow Service "Colorkrew Workflows"

  • For those in charge of implementing and utilizing solutions, this is a must-see! Exhibited "Colorkrew Biz", "Colorkrew ID", "Colorkrew Intra", "AIChat System" for internal use and "Microsoft 365 Security Support" at the 13th Work Style Reform EXPO

  • Colorkrew ID, the platform for Colorkrew products, now includes an organization chart/employee directory function.

  • Solving the problems of Outlook introduction. Released Colorkrew Biz Scheduler renewed for ultra-fast display.

  • IBG Media Co., Ltd. and its subsidiary that operates the MovieFull business signed a share transfer agreement.

  • Exhibited Colorkrew Biz, Colorkrew Intra, OpenAI, and security support products at DX General Expo for those who are considering business innovation and internal DX.

  • All work starts here. Colorkrew releases "Colorkrew Intra", an in-house portal CMS that unifies the fragmented environment of hybrid work.

  • Tomohiro Miyasaka appointed as an outside director of Colorkrew Inc.


  • Colorkrew Biz Seating Chart 3D Map Released!

  • More than 700 companies have adopted the system. We aim to solve "nameless jobs" caused by hybrid work.

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