Eliminate Legacy Systems. Introducing the Simple and Flexible Cloud Workflow Service "Colorkrew Workflows"

In the midst of diversified work styles brought about by hybrid work, we have released “Colorkrew Workflows”, an intuitive and flexible cloud workflow service that allows for easy template and permission design, to address the approval process challenges faced by companies.

What is Colorkrew Workflows?

Colorkrew Workflows is a cloud workflow service that handles internal approvals and leaves a traceable record. We aim to provide a flexible service that can consolidate all approval processes occurring within the company, with its simplicity and intuitive operation, as well as integration with external services.
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Challenges in Approval Processes and What Colorkrew Workflows Can Achieve

Colorkrew Workflows can solve common challenges that arise from approval processes.

“Having to physically be at the office just to perform application and approval…”
Colorkrew Workflows is a cloud-based service. Users can access it even when they are outside the office, allowing them to perform approval tasks at their convenience.

“Complicated application procedures leading to frequent rejections…”
We have achieved an intuitive user interface and a mechanism that provides appropriate validation for inputs. Anyone can easily submit an application form without any omissions.

“Lack of traceability…”
We have implemented a flexible template design mechanism that can accommodate various approval patterns. It enables centralized management of approvals that previously couldn’t leave a trace.

Features of Colorkrew Workflows

Colorkrew Workflows offers the following features:

Intuitive usability

Low learning costs and smooth implementation.

Flexible templates

Flexible template design, including validation for individual input items and automatic control of approval routes based on applicants and inputs.

High maintainability

Even when employees are transferred or leave the company, you can continue using the templates without the need for manual modifications.

Robust security

Utilize our security expertise to ensure a reliable workflow system.

Seamless integration

Integrate with other Colorkrew products and internal core systems to consolidate and automate all approval processes.

As we continue to enhance its functionality, we will create and deliver services that realize “Color Your Work with Excitement.”

In the future, we will further enhance the functionality and create and deliver innovative IT services to promote hybrid work and solve the issues that arise from hybrid work to make work more valuable with our Work SaaS.

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