New corporate website and logo based on the concept of "Elevate the value of your work with Work SaaS"

We renewed our corporate website completely on Wednesday, June 5th, 2024, with a new vision of “Provide the world’s most preferred Work SaaS”. Click here for the Colorkrew corporate website

Background of Renewal

“Provide the world’s most preferred Work SaaS”
Work SaaS stands for “work software as a service,” a generic term for cloud services that enhance the way people work and their work environment. We have updated our vision with the aim of providing our customers with the most loved products in the SaaS field.

The new corporate website was designed to better convey our vision and business activities, which are to solve the challenges faced by companies in the face of increasingly diverse work styles through hybrid work using our products and services.

We have also updated our MVCoC (Mission, Vision, and Code of Conduct) to enhance recruitment of people who agree with our vision and to let them know the values and ideas we hold dear, and we have taken this opportunity to completely brush up our corporate logo, products, and services.

Outline of renewal

MVCoC (Mission, Vision, and Code of Conduct) are clarified.


“Color Your Work with Excitement“
We aim to increase the value of work for people around the world and enable them to work with excitement. We create products to support this.
Eventually, the lives of workers will become more colorful and fuller of vitality through their work,
Colorkrew’s mission is to realize a society where people’s lives are colored by their work, and where each individual can shine with vitality and vigor.


“Provide the world’s most preferred Work SaaS“
We will establish a unique position in the market and strengthen our relationship with customers by accurately understanding the trends of the times and customer needs, and providing creative products that focus on the essentials.

For workers around the world, our products will help them activate their work and realize a creative work environment.

With this vision, Colorkrew is committed to continually growing as individuals and as a team to deliver exceptional value to the world. Colorkrew’s members

Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct

We have updated our logo to emphasize the current trends of the times and ourselves. Corporate logo

Product/Service Enhancement

We have improved our products and services in the areas of general affairs Tech, HR Tech, groupware, and security in order to promote hybrid work and to solve issues arising from hybrid work with Work SaaS. Products list

We will continue to promote hybrid work and provide innovative IT services to make work more valuable with our Work SaaS.