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About Site Policy

This web site is operated by Colorkrew Inc. (hereafter referred to as “the Company”). This web site is intended to provide information to assist our understanding of our activities. In the use of this website, we request that you will read the following terms and conditions.

Use prohibitions

  1. Activites of infringement such as property or privacy of the Company or a third party
  2. Activites or fear that giving a disadvantage or damage to the Company or third party
  3. Other activites or fear that violate such laws and regulations
  4. In addition to the above, the act of our company is determined to be inappropriate


  1. Such as changes of web site and the information content
    • This web site or published content, without notice change, modify, delete, you may be interrupted. Also, for any information of the web site, please always acknowledge that it is not one that is reflected in the latest information.
  2. Computer viruses, etc.
    • We do not guarantee that there is no computer viruses or other harmful substances to our web site and server. Should, as well as such as damage or damage has occurred, such as by download, such as use or various file plug-ins of this Web site, The Company, please understand that it does not assume any responsibility.

For industrial property rights

  1. All of the copyright on the work of this Web site, unless you belong to the Company and information provider, has been recognized by the copyright law, Use of the copyrighted material without permission (duplication, transmission, distribution, transfer, rent, modify, adapt, etc.), so that you are not allowed, please note. In addition, information such as products and services, technology, which is provided by this website, Copyright law and international treaties, have been protected by other intellectual property rights laws patent law.
  2. The provision of work by this Web site, the invention that is included in the work, patent rights related to, such as design, Transfer of design rights and other intellectual property rights, or does not authorize the licensing of such rights based on the intellectual property rights.
  3. The provision of work by this Web site, Is intended to provide the copyrighted material remains of the current state, it does not constitute a guarantee for the content of the work.
  4. Such as those of the Company or other companies in the web site are displayed and described company names, service names, product names, company or other companies of the trade names, trademarks or registered trademarks. However, if there is a separate trademark display (credit) in each page, please follow this.

Governing Law and Jurisdiction

  1. This web site interpretation and application related to, and the “Terms and Conditions” are governed by the laws of Japan.
  2. Also disputes concerning this web site, and the “Terms and Conditions”, unless otherwise specified in the other, and the Tokyo District Court of first instance exclusive jurisdiction court.

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