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Our Strength

We’re refining our organizational structure and expanding our knowledge for the future.

  • Maintains the latest knowledge trends with everything we’ve discovered since the start of cloud computing. Maintains the latest knowledge trends with everything we’ve discovered since the start of cloud computing.

    Maintains the latest knowledge trends with everything we’ve discovered since the start of cloud computing.

    Colorkrew has been in the IT/Cloud Services field since 1999, originally as ISAO Corporation before changing its name in June 2020. We’ve accumulated vast experience across industries and continually update our expertise as specialists.

  • Strong organizational management united by shared values. Strong organizational management united by shared values.

    Strong organizational management united by shared values.

    To innovate and deliver valuable services, a strong organizational foundation is crucial. At Colorkrew, we embrace a “flat model” that minimizes information gaps and fosters effective teamwork. This approach ensures that everyone can utilize their strengths by understanding our mission, vision, and code of conduct.

  • Global team to expand business worldwide. Global team to expand business worldwide.

    Global team to expand business worldwide.

    At Colorkrew, we’re proud to have a diverse team with members from Japan and various other countries. Our global team of “colorful”, filled with diverse perspectives and backgrounds, brings unique synergy to our work. Looking ahead, we aim to expand into new regions and develop local businesses.

Work SaaS

In a survey conducted by Japanese companies in September 2023, 48% of office workers in the Kanto region said they Mixpanel remote and office work. However, 70% prefer full remote or hybrid work. This shows a gap between what people want and what they have.

This disconnect could lead to higher employee turnover, especially considering the shortage of IT workers in Japan. To address this, Colorkrew suggests promoting hybrid work. We aim to solve challenges related to hybrid work with our “Work Software as a Service” (Work SaaS), which offers cloud-based solutions for business and office needs.

Colorkrew’s Work SaaS includes products in General Affairs Tech, HR Tech, Security, and Groupware. These tools focus on real-time collaboration, improving efficiency, and maintaining productivity in remote work setups. We’re committed to delivering value to our customers through these innovative products.


Creating an environment that fosters enjoyable work through the “magic” of IT

  • Colorkrew Intra

    All work begins here

    This is an in-house portal that can be freely customized by the customer. It allows you to manage all the necessary company rules and information in one place, including internal bulletin boards, wikis, site links, announcements, and more. In addition to a modern design and operability that is easy for anyone to use, the portal allows flexible authority management.

    For customers including
    • People who want to centralize and manage internal information
    • People who need a place to share information and requests with all employees
    • People who find it difficult to maintain an internal portal
  • Colorkrew Biz

    General Affairs Tech Services to Reduce “No-Name Jobs”

    This business concierge tool consolidates and simplifies various detailed office tasks, including scheduling, booking meeting rooms, locating available colleagues, overseeing supplies, and handling mail.

    For customers including
    • Updating management methods for remote and office work with Mixpanel
    • The need to streamline minor tasks so team members can concentrate on their core responsibilities
    • People looking to make their internal operations smoother and increase team productivity
  • Colorkrew Workflows

    Simple and flexible cloud workflow service

    It’s easy to use and maintain for complex internal approvals and tasks that need tracking. Plus, it’s a cloud-based workflow service that streamlines approvals with external collaboration.

    For customers including
    • Seeking to eliminate the requirement of visiting the office for application submissions and approvals
    • Looking to save and organize approval histories
    • Aiming to easily track the progress of the approval process
  • Colorkrew ID

    Make your organization more colorful, agile, and centralized

    All Colorkrew services can be centrally managed on a common platform, facilitating the seamless verification and implementation of services across the entire organization, individual departments, or cross-organizational projects.

    For customers including
    • Multiple users of Colorkrew products and services
    • Want to manage all tools on a single platform
    • Aim to seamlessly implement multi-departmental collaboration and cross-organizational projects
  • Colorkrew Security

    24/365 Integrated Security Management Service

    We offer a wide range of services, ranging from security product installation to operation, ensuring the optimal security system for your environment.

    For customers including
    • Not sure how to install and use security products
    • Struggling to gauge the importance of alerts
    • Lack of a 24/7/365 monitoring system for your company
  • Colorkrew AIChat

    Safe and Secure AI Chat Service

    This is an AI solution powered by the Azure OpenAI API from Microsoft. Our goal is to create a safe, secure, and user-friendly service, prioritizing security and management for corporate use.

    For customers including
    • Prefer company-held confidential data not used for AI training
    • Require strict user controls
    • Need precise budget management
  • Colorkrew Quiz

    Daily Quiz, Daily Growth: Empowering Knowledge and Boosting Competitiveness.

    The program offers daily multiple-choice questions to facilitate employee learning, enhance company knowledge, and gain a competitive edge.

    For customers including
    • Enhance employee understanding of the industry
    • Seek to boost employee involvement with my company
    • Aim to enhance the company’s competitiveness via simple and ongoing employee training
  • AVD Problem Solving for Universities

    This solution is designed to optimize AVD for educational institutions.

    For customers including
    • People who wish to flexibly allocate resources based on schedules and student numbers
    • People who prefer to restrict access to the system to registered students only
    • People who aim to reduce the time and effort needed to run the system
  • goalous

    HR Tech Services to Empower Your Team

    This tool visualizes and shares each member’s goals and related activities in real time, making it ideal for process-oriented personnel evaluation.

    For customers including
    • Seek to enhance team and organizational engagement
    • Managers aiming for members to work independently with a clear sense of purpose
    • Managers seeking a single tool to monitor members’ work and progress toward goals


Colorful Teams Support the Foundation of Fun Work

  • Software development/operations

    PoC development support, etc.

    Software development/operations

    We offer fast support from start to finish, focusing on proactive communication to understand and achieve customer goals.

    For customers including
    • Those seeking to quickly materialize their ideas
    • Individuals interested in agile development, implementing small PDCA cycles
    • Those looking to develop using cloud-native system architecture
  • Cloud development/operations

    Support for design, construction, and operation of cloud environments

    Cloud development/operations

    Cloud environments are crucial for contemporary businesses. Leveraging the latest expertise, we offer complete support—from designing and building to operating and monitoring the infrastructure essential for your business needs.

    For customers including
    • Seeking a partner with vast experience across various industries and sectors
    • Need comprehensive support for public cloud services
    • Looking for a single source for everything from design and construction to operation and monitoring
  • Security implementation/operations

    Security measures and operational support

    Security implementation/operations

    To prevent risks like data leaks from cyber-attacks, we suggest the most suitable security plan tailored to your business needs to ensure smooth operations.

    For customers including
    • Seeking up-to-date risk management assistance.
    • Need you to recommend the optimal security plan for my company’s needs.
    • Require support not only for implementing products but also for ongoing operations.

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